Mission concept design 2001
(NASA Solicitation NNH11ZDA018L (10/28/2011)


Expectations on number of Clusters and AGN for the 2011 WFXT concept design
[see caption of similar plots above for an explanation of different quantities]

This mission concept considers only a Deep and Medium survey, reserving 1.5 years of operations in GO mode.

Minimum bolometric luminosity of unobscured AGN at z>=6 detectable over a given survey area. Surveys in different wavebands are plotted with different colors as shown in the upper-left corner.

Shaded areas with progressively darker colors (from yellow to olive green) show the regions of the plot where a given survey is expected to detect

more than 100, 1000, and 10000 unobscured AGN at z>=6. These regions have been computed assuming that the space density of all AGN exponentially declines at z>3 (see Gilli et al. 2011, MSAIS, 17, 85). WFXT is the only X-ray mission that can match in area and sensitivity future surveys in the optical (e.g. with HyperSuprime and LSST) and in the near-IR (Euclid).

Simulated WFXT X-ray spectrum of a deep survey (400 ksec) obscured high redshift AGN based on the Chandra Deep Field South data for this AGN (Norman et al. 2001), NH=1024 cm-2, EWline=1 keV. There are 530 counts total. The iron line is clearly detected and allows an accurate redshift determination from the X-ray data alone.